Finally Something Fitness Related

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything fitness related…which may be due to the lack of fitness/just generally taking care of my body of late.



I finally got on the scale after avoiding it for months and really didn’t like the results (RUDE), and my clothes aren’t fitting me well at the moment…I can easily pinpoint the problem – it is about 99% my diet….

If I was going to take my overall diet trends from the last several months and package them into the latest fad diet, it would be called “Treat Yo Self Like Tomorrow Is the Actual Apocolypse”. May be an exaggeration but you get the point!

So my current goal is to get my diet to the “Treat Yo Self Moderately Like the Responsible 32 Year Old Woman You Pretend That You Are”, shortened to “TYSMLR32YOWYP2B”.  Basically still eating these things just less (maybe even occasionally or “a lot less” I’m a w.i.p.)



I’m just going to put this out there: I’ve gained 10 pounds since January, which is pretty crazy, and not a good trend at all going forward!

Finally I’ve started to get back on track….I’m not the kind of person who can just stop eating carbs, so that rules out pretty much every popular diet out there at the moment (Keto? more like Ket-no!), and I’ve never been a fan of strict/cutting out food group diets anyway so I guess it works out.

I saw a quite a little bit ago, and I tried to find it again but I can’t; anyway, it went something like “When you start, set your goals such that it will be impossible to NOT meet them.” So I kept that in mind, and over the next few weeks, I’ll try and work on just a few simple things which will hopefully lead to some positive change in my lifestyle.


Here are the 3 things I’m going to be doing in an effort to get back to being a healthy, reasonably responsible adult that treats my body like a temple and not like trash:


Counting calories has ALWAYS worked for me in the past. It’s a little tedious to be sure, but it feels a lot less restrictive to me than sticking to a diet with a bunch of rules.  Another thing, weight loss/fat loss isn’t magic, it’s math – you can’t lose weight unless you’re in a caloric deficit. Now you may be thinking “Wow, Michelle, if you’re such a  know it all than why did you let yourself gain 10 pounds in a relatively short period of time?” And my answer is … I’ll have to get back to you…

I use an app to track, it’s called Lose It:




While counting cals is great, I am also focusing on being a  healthy human, so I’ve started drinking more water.  I’m not sure why this is SO hard for me, it’s just one of those things that I don’t think about. I have a water tracker on my phone & my Apple Watch called Water Minder and I like it. I believe I purchased it, but there are a ton of apps out there that are free; it just reminds me throughout the day to drink water, and then keeps track of how much I’m drinking and how much I have left to go to meet my goal for the day.

I haven’t yet met the daily goal yet, but I’m a w.i.p.



I really hate cardio. I have a hazy memory of a time in my life I actually ran (ok, jogged) on a regular basis, and just the thought sends shivers up my spine. But cardio is important not only for weight loss but heart health, blood flow (blah blah blah blah nobody cares) SO, to start out, I am committing to do cardio three times a week for at least 30 minutes (I’m already regretting this).

I’m not using an app, but since I am 100% a morning workout person, I am going to make sure I schedule my workouts for the morning, and try and do the same days & times every week.

I got on the stair stepper today (har har)

If you are on the struggle bus as well, now is as good a time as any to set some (realistic) goals and get to work, I’ll be right there with you!


6 thoughts on “Finally Something Fitness Related

  1. Natasha says:

    Thanks for being so honest about your journey, I am excited to follow you along. Hoping I can work on some healthy habits too. Thanks for the reminder. Also like to add you are beautiful.


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